Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Road Trip | Redwood Forest

After Portland, we stopped in a small city in Northern California to stay the night before we stopped in to see the beautiful Redwood Trees.


|A Redwood Tree, up close|




|Avenue of the Giants|


|Chandelier Tree; California has 3 of these drive through trees.  We found one & had to drive through it on our way through the Redwoods.  Cody has a truck so it was a little tricky to get his vehicle through the tree.  The truck had about half an inch on either sides of the tree & I thought we were going to get stuck. |



|We did it!|


|I had to get a few outfit pictures in the forest.  The lighting turned out pretty bad since the trees are massive they covered  up the sun!  Let's get real though, this post is all about the trees!|


With completing a 16 hour road trip down a coast, I realized that packing basics that can layer easily is the best way to pack for road trips.  The weather can be a very tricky thing to keep in mind while packing for a week long trip, especially when you are stopping in different cities down a coast.  I made sure to bring multiple short & long sleeve shirts, button ups, & my handy dandy leather jacket (more about this basic later).

l.b. <3

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