Friday, June 27, 2014

friday favorites

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Does everyone have that day where you just wear all of your favorite pieces of clothing?  Yesterday, was that day for me; I wore my favorite necklace, favorite t - shirt, & favorite pair of jeans. And let's just say it was a pretty awesome day.  I got to wander around Target as a guest, & not an employee, which was fun since I haven't been in a store for a couple of weeks.  Then came home & caught up on Homeland episodes.

I know, totally awesome / lazy day.  However, on the bright side I received a handful of compliments on my outfit, which always makes a day better.  

So today, give some a compliment on their outfit, I promise it will make you & the other person smile. happy friday, folks.

l.b. <3

Thursday, June 26, 2014

my summer will be spent like this.

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The past 24 years of my life, summers were always hot, sticky, & sweaty.  North Florida is home to the humidity, so my thought process of getting ready is trying to wear the lightest clothes.

In Washington, I have worn shorts twice this summer.  There is no humidity here, so it's always the perfect summer day.  I have realized that boyfriend jeans, and a cute top are my go to outfits for living in the Northwest.  

White Button Up | Ann Taylor Loft | Extra 50% off, use code FIFTY
Boyfriend Jeans | Ann Taylor Loft | Extra 50 % off, use code FIFTY
Flats | Target
Necklace | Bauble Bar

l.b. <3

Monday, June 9, 2014

clearance steals & deals | part 2

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When I go shopping, I always look for clearance steals or a 50% sale throughout the store.  Now a days, all store's merchandise will end up on clearance or sale so why not save your money and spend it on another cute top on sale. 

Point of the post: this top is from Banana Republic, I found it on the sale rack at $18 and these high waisted black jeans are from Gap for $30, I also got these pants in a dark denim. 

*So after our vacation, I realized that I lost my camera charger.  These pictures are from my lovely iPhone.  Fingers crossed, a new camera charger or (possibly) a new camera will be in my hands sooner than later.

 From a reader's perspective, how does the iPhone pictures look?  Are they okay?  Are iPhone pictures acceptable for a blog?

Outfit Details:
Top | Banana Republic
Black Jeans | Gap 
Shoes | Target 
Necklace | Forever 21
Cross body | Fossil