Monday, August 11, 2014

Hiawatha Bike Trail - Montana

This past Saturday, Cody had the great idea to drive over to Montana and ride the Hiawatha Trail.  I am not a huge bike rider, I mean we rode bikes in San Fran, & it was a struggle for me because of all of the hills.  He got me to fully commit to this trail with "the bike ride is all downhill" & I was sold.

We got up early on Saturday & drove over to Montana to attempt this beautiful ride.  The ride is around 14 miles through old railroad tunnels.  The first tunnel is 2 miles in the dark, & it's extremely cold.  After the first tunnel, you see a waterfalls & beautiful views of mountains.  This 14 mile trail is full of history from the old miners & railroaders.  Plus, it smells like CHRISTMAS, like full on Christmas time.  I finally realized why it smelled like that.. We were in fields of Evergreen trees, it was perfect.  I can't wait to go up there when it snows!

It was quite the adventure, and it was such an easy ride.  If you are interested in completing the trail if you are ever in the northwest, this is there website |

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