Saturday, August 2, 2014

busy life

the past six weeks have been the definition of b  u   s   y.

we moved into a new house or can I say a new trailer the past month.  it's located on top of a hill out in the country side with the perfect view.  we have cherry trees in our yard & a beautiful patio which has already been used for a BBQ with friends.

from a work perspective, my new target store opened up two weeks ago.  this has been the main reason for the leave of absence from this little blog outlet.  before the store opened, I was working 55 +  hours a week to help build our store.  now it is opened up on South Hill, and I am back to a regular working schedule.  the store is gorgeous and I am so proud of my team. 

here are a few outfit snapshots from my instagram account.  fingers crossed I will get back into some what of a routine of posting outfit pictures!!

here's to posting more 
lb. <3

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