Wednesday, October 1, 2014

an after work outfit






Last night, was date night with Cody.  We went to our favorite restaurant, Waddell's, to eat & drink.  Our date nights aren't really nights, we are more of late afternoon dinner eaters.  After working for 8 hours in red & khaki, I have like 15 minutes to get ready.  

With that being said, I try to cut some time by, wearing my blouse that I wore to work.  Yesterday, it was this shirt.   I am that girl who wears red cardigans & cute blouses.  This is how I deal with wearing red & khaki every day.  I came home and threw on this peach colored shirt over my tee shirt.  Since I don't live in Florida, I have no tan, I was pretty nervous to wear this top with my pale skin & blonde hair.  But I did it anyway, and guess what, no one gave me any weird stares. 

Plus, these two colors shouldn't look good together but they do and I like it. 

outfit details
lightweight tomboy workshirt | madewell | clearance for $24.99 
olive green tee shirt | madewell | clearance for $29.99
boyfriend jeans | old navy | on sale for $35
booties | old navy | on sale for $37
purse | target | clearance for $17 (in stores)

l.b. <3

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  1. this is so comfy and laid back, but still chic. love it