Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the florida state university

I hope everyone enjoyed that lovely chant as they opened up this page.  It is the best sound in the entire world to hear from 82,000 people.  

I grew up on Florida State football.  
I love Florida State football.  
I am very passionate about Florida State football.

These things might sound weird coming from a girl, but I was raised by a man who loved this team more than life its self.  This man didn't have any sons to share this love with, so his two daughters got this freakishly weird love of college football.  

This man is my dad.

Even though my dad cannot enjoy the game like he use to, I like to think that we carry on that small tradition.  This is for you dad, your two little girls, acting like you; yelling at the television screen for bad calls, smack talking to florida & miami fans, & always believing in our team no matter what the situation.






l.b. <3

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